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Why Failure is an Essential Part of the Life of a Startup

Start-up companies have a long and storied history that is almost as long as the country itself. Start-ups as an idea date all the way back to the Great Depression - with the humble beginnings of now major companies like Ocean Spray Cranberries and Yellow Book USA beginning around this time.

They can come in literally all shapes and sizes, in all industries and in all markets. But regardless of the specific type of business you're talking about, at the heart of it all is an entrepreneur who started out one day with little more than a will and a dream.

The one thing all those entrepreneurs have in common isn't only the quest for the Minimum Viable Product, but the long path of failure they've left in their wake.

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How to Be More Productive and Profitable at Your Business

Your business might be doing well, but are you wasting time and money on things that could be run better? Efficiency is everything- getting things done quickly and accurately will lead to more profits for you, and avoid issues with employees or the law. You need to be constantly adapting and improving to keep your business running like a finely tuned machine, and making sure every task is being performed correctly. Could your business run more productively? Here are a few ways to consider doing so.Continue Reading..

Essential Elements of Building a Successful Online Course

Online education is rapidly becoming an ideal way to create additional passive revenue for just about any online business. The technology has evolved to the point where even a non-technical entrepreneur can create a course that looks amazing and functions perfectly.Many of today’s online course successes are measured by student enrollment, engagement, and collaboration in co-creating deeper understandings of the materials presented.In order to successfully achieve these standards, the most important thing you can do is understand what it takes to construct and implement a course that provides real value to learners.Continue Reading..