Packaging is everything. It not only catches the attention of the consumers, but also sets your product apart from the other displayed items on the shelves.

Before you “taste” the chocolate, you first “see” the chocolate. Even without spraying the perfume yet, you can already smell its sweet expensive fragrance by the mere look of its exquisitely designed perfume bottle. That is how powerful a package is.

Your packaging design creates a sensory experience and therefore influences consumer perceptions. More importantly, it defines your brand.

Pira, a worldwide authority in the packaging, print and paper industry, has even predicted the market growth back in 2011. If before we relied on traditional packaging of metal cans, plastic bottles, liquid cartons and glass, there is flexible packaging nowadays and it will continue to grow this year. The packaging industry has become more sustainable, holistic, innovative and technologically advanced at the start of 2017 than in 2016.

2012 And 2017 Worldwide Demand for Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) For Each Region ($ Million). (Source: Smithers Pira)

We have come to a more efficient direction in the industry because more and more business owners have realized the opportunities that good packaging has brought them. Let us then know the top packaging design trends of the year.

The Eco-friendly Box or Bag

Ever heard of the edible cup introduced by a fast-food chain? It grabbed the attention of customers because the cup is made up of a biscuit doubled with white chocolate.

If you really want to go after a sustainable design, going green is the answer. It is a popular choice as it gives a positive impact to the company and the environment.

Also, biodegradable, natural, eco-friendly or sustainable packaging – anything you call it – attracts customers. It has a great potential to stay in the market because of its multiple uses benefiting everyone. This type of design adds meaning and authenticity making it more impactful.

There is Beauty in Simplicity

Less is more, so they say. There hasn’t been a year when a packaging with a minimalist design does not make the top trend. Look at how popular unboxing an iPhone is in YouTube. More believe that there is that luxury feeling when the style is less plus it is also comfortable to look at. Consider a packaging with a clean font, fine or readable words or simple sentences, luxurious finishes, spot metallic and ombre colorways.

The cosmetic industry understood this idea and it helps them infiltrate the other parts of the world. This type of design does need to go all out just to stand out. If you also believe that less is more, then there is no need for you to try to get much attention from your packaging. Keep it cool and simple as much as possible.

Bold and Clear Patterns

What better way to strike a visual design than having a bold pattern? It immediately highlights your product because the packaging is eye-catching that they would want to keep it in their shelves.

Research suggests that this type of packaging creates a memory to the buyer and it leaves a good impression because of the sense of familiarity holding such a package. Minimizing the pattern of packaging can also help accentuate what’s inside it. We are living in a modern world where we don’t always have the time to read every detail written on the product. That is why a clean-cut design is always attractive to people.

The Unique Lettering

Designers love to create an artwork that is unique. For them, it is a wonderful time to get crafty. You may choose the organic effect with texture fills or irregular lines; the choice is yours. This is such a great opportunity to make your product stand out from the rest because of the warmth it sends from the digital prints. A customized lettering is wholesome and gives individuality.

Evoke Emotions with Colors

Colors can affect the emotion of potential buyers that is why businesses make use of colors that are more appealing and represents their product as much as possible. Since 2016, designers have become more creative in putting colors to packaging in such exciting and new ways we could not imagine. So choose colors that are scene-stealers when put on store shelves. Sometimes, a buyer may not remember the brand but he or she will remember whether the package was bright pink or neon blue.

Illustration That Tells a Story

People cherish and even seek out stories which are close to their hearts. Packaging design with illustrations can transport you to a different world and evoke positive emotions such as Christmas designs during the holiday season.

Finding Balance with Vintage

There is something special with vintage designs that resound even in 2017. It brings back memories to people and gives others an idea of what it was like in the past or the original era. The key to being successful in this design is finding the balance between inducing nostalgia while modern touch stays intact.

Whatever packaging design you choose – whether you want it colourful, graphical, or edible – make sure it matches your brand. After all, your packaging design can only go so far if your branding strategy is ineffective. An excellently and skilfully designed packaging instigates a bright future for your business.

About the Author: Conrad Dykstra, the Marketing and Managing Director of an Australian wholesale packaging company has been in the business, sales, and marketing industries for over 12 years. His expertise in the field allows him to make robust decisions regarding business.