So many people want to start businesses nowadays. It’s become the hot new thing to take an idea that just started as some scribbling on a piece of paper and turn it into a multi-billion-dollar business.

Think about Uber and Lyft. These are car-sharing companies that just started out as ideas on a piece of paper. And now, they are some of the most influential companies in the world.

However, you might not have a ton of money to invest in the next best company. That’s why the list below is going to give you the top businesses that you can start by investing less than $10K.

A resume service

First off, you can easily start a resume service right out of the comfort of your own home. All you need is an Internet connection and some kind of online editing software, like Microsoft Word.

This is a great business for any of you who like to help others on their career paths and ensure they can get the job of their dreams. You will be going through various resumes and ensuring that everything is spelled correctly, formatted correctly, and give them general advice on what to include.

An alteration service based out of your home

If you are someone who loves to sew and you’re great at it, then you can think about starting up an alteration service right out of your home. You can have people drop off their dresses or suits that they need altered for special events and get to work. This is a great thing if there are no other alteration services in the local area. And all you need is your sewing materials, so it’s not going to cost you much at all to get started!

 A personal chef

If there are people in your community who can’t cook for themselves or who just want to have someone else cook for them, then you can start up your own personal chef business. All you’re going to need is the money to buy ingredients for meals and cooking tools. This is a great if you’re already someone who loves cooking!

 Music lessons for kids and adults

You can set up your own music lesson service from your own home, pretty easily. You just need to advertise that you are teaching music to kids or adults or both! This is great for those of you with the expertise in various types of musical experience and if you already have those instruments in your home. You can also take a small business loan between 1K to $10K in case you have to buy few instruments to start your music teaching business.

Pet sitting for neighbors

Of course, there are always going to be times when neighbors head out on vacations or when they’re just not going to be home for a while. What’s going to happen to their pets when they’re gone? They obviously need someone to look after their furry little friends. That’s where you come in with your pet sitting service!

Backyard nursery

If there are parents in your neighborhood who can’t watch over their kids during the day, then you can easily set up your own backyard nursery service. If you have experience working with kids, then this is perfect for you! All you’re going to need is toys and other necessary items when you have tons of kids running around.

Online researcher

Whenever you have a university professor or someone else who researches as part of their job, they are going to need someone to help out once in a while. They can focus more on teaching or whatever other task they need to get done, while you work on researching and getting them the information they need.


Copy writing is a pretty big business that you can start up with barely any money at all. All you need is to find clients who need various articles written on a regular basis and then get to writing! All you need is a laptop and Microsoft Word.

Social media and online marketing consultants

If you are proficient at social media and other online services, then why not start up your own consultancy business? This isn’t going to cost you anything at all to start up. All you need is to find local businesses or individuals who want to get their social media networks going and help them out with your knowledge and expertise.

Floral designer

If you’re someone who loves to garden and loves putting together flowers into bouquets, then being a floral designer can be super lucrative. There are always occasions that need bouquets and other arrangements, like funerals or weddings. You can be that person who puts together flowers into great arrangements for such occasions.

Children’s party service

Of course, a great business that you can easily start up from your own home is a children’s party service. This is fantastic if you already love kids and you have a knack for throwing creative parties. You can consult with the families about what their kids want for their party theme, games, props, drinks, foods-&-candies and throw a celebration to end all celebrations.

Toy maker

If you are someone who is super creative and you have the hands for it, then you can become a toy maker. All you need are the materials necessary to create some awesome toys for kid around your neighborhood.

Vintage clothing dealer

There are tons of vintage clothes out there just waiting to be discovered at yard sales and flea markets. If you are someone who already goes by these kinds of places, then why not sell the vintage clothes that you find?

Image consultant

If you have an eye for photography and great imagery, then you can become an image consultant. People can bring by their photography and get your consultancy on what could be better or what could be improved.

Makeup artist

You might even have a knack for makeup. If that’s you, then why not start up a makeup artist business right out of your home or by traveling around to other sites? You can help brides get ready for their weddings or help TV stars look great on the big screen.

A personal fitness trainer

You might be someone who loves to work out and stay fit. If that’s the case, then you can become a personal fitness trainer. You can work with a specific gym in your area or just advertise yourself as someone who can stop by houses and help with workouts.

Decoration service

If you are someone who can seriously decorate for parties and other events, then you can easily start up a decoration service for under $10K. You can head over to the venues for events and get cracking with great decorations, based on the preferences of whoever is throwing the event.

Commercial cleaning service

You can work with businesses or individuals in your area as a commercial cleaning service. All you need to bring with you is all of your cleaning materials and the dedication necessary to do a great cleaning job.

Trash removal service

If your neighborhood doesn’t have that great of a trash removal service, then you can easily start up this kind of business with a truck and some hard labor.

A chimney sweep

When it comes to chimneys, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis before the fires are started in the winter. If you know how to clean up chimneys, then why not start up that kind of business?

There you have it! Starting up a business doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can easily start up all of the above businesses for under $10K.