The market has become a place full of competition and implementing marketing tactics has become a standard for many. The rise of online marketing has also created a much bigger room for online tactics rather than offline ones.

The old school, traditional methods that many have studied years ago have been forgotten or are ‘irrelevant’ to the current market that is now full of Facebook users, apps, iPhone’s and such. Techniques like SEO, PPC, SEM are the go-to strategies that entrepreneurs abide by when starting a new campaign or reaching a totally new audience.

However, applying a variety of marketing methods every once in a while could create a unique selling point for your company. Almost all companies are going through the same modern advertising methods with the same cycle of concepts, tests, and analysis! As a matter of fact, some of these old-school marketing strategies may still work perfectly for the nature of your business.

Here are 4 old-school marketing strategies that still work.

Promotional Gifts & Giveaways!

A lot of companies ignore this strategy, but it’s actually very beneficial! It doesn’t necessarily have a quick impact like SEO, but it does have an overall impact. However, some tactics require time, and this is one of those tactics, it takes time to see results. How can you make people feel like they’re part of your movement in the cheapest and fastest way possible? Giveaways! Especially if it’s something that would be even slightly beneficial for people; selfie sticks or USB plug-in’s with your logo printed on, gift cards, a shirt with your logo printed, the possibilities are endless. This will help you win more allies and it’s free advertising (for life!).

Offline Guerrilla Marketing 101

Guerrilla marketing is the use of unconventional marketing strategies. Since online marketing channels are narrowly structured. Offline marketing channels would be the best way to flex your small business’s ‘guerrilla marketing muscle’. Start playing around, the marketing way. Be unique, be creative!

Here are some ideas you could try:

  • Use chalk to advertise promotions on a sidewalk artistically
  • Leave branded pens/USBs around
  • Donate branded bookmarks to libraries around the city (especially if you have more than one branch!)
  • Leave sticky notes in random places or to create temporary images on cars/building.

Drop Business Cards EVERYWHERE

Another offline guerrilla marketing strategy at hand! This one goes without saying. It should also be ongoing, not a temporary thing. Using a mobile printer is a great way to produce business cards on the go and is actually very practical, especially if you’re just beginning your own business. You want to have your business cards everywhere. The thing about business cards is trying to share them with the people you can’t reach at all, how can you do that if you’re just going to share them with the people you physically meet? Drop them here and there!

There are a few places you can drop them in:

  • If there is a public bulletin board anywhere at sight – your business card must be out there!
  • Go to the library and put your business card in books related to the industry you’re in
  • If there’s a contest fish bowl asking for business cards
  • Business events or conferences have your business card ready on the table

Snap Your Business’ Daily Activities!

Many business owners forget that campaigns can be boosted up by simple offline efforts. This can be done by simply taking photos of all the company events and fun daily activities. People get really interested when they can see what the company is up to and the fun environment they’re living in!

For example, if someone from the company is going to give a speech or conduct a workshop, record it and upload it on relevant social media platforms! Raw photos from the offline world show the company’s personality and the nature of the business environment as well. It can increase engagement and reach by the time as well.

Old is Gold

Sometimes, the internet just isn’t the way to market for your business. Even if you think it is, it’s good to switch it up every once in a while and have unique changes that other businesses don’t even think about! There’s definitely less competition with these forgotten strategies and they may be a perfect fit for your business. Try them either way because as you can see, most of them are extremely time-saving and cost-efficient, so they won’t come as any loss.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best to succeed.