It can be a really difficult thing to find good employees, but doing so is essential. They are, after all, what make the wheels of a business move, and the wrong staff could take a business in all the wrong directions. Without excellent employees, work doesn’t get done and your business’ growth may be halted.

But how do you ensure that the employees you hire will take care of the work you’re giving them? It’s common for employees that seem to have so much potential to generate lackluster work full of mistakes. This can leave brand managers exasperated, questioning how they can ensure that their next hire will be up to snuff.

If this applies to you, take a look inward and ask yourself something important: How good is your marketing and branding? The fact is, quality begets quality. If you want good hires, then you need to ensure that your business appears to be the best place for good hires to work. Thus, marketing to potential applicants is very important, and when it comes to hiring, there are a few key things employees are looking for that you will need to showcase:

Brand Recognition

Employees want to be proud to tell people where they work. Some work environments and brands don’t have a good name to them, and that can make people disinclined from working there. You need to avoid this conundrum like it’s the plague.

So then, it’s important that your brand does come off as relatable, trustworthy, and legitimate. Developing a strong brand as an employer makes employees proud of their positions. While devoting resources to the brand may seem wasteful, it can pay off in a major way. It can also reduce costs elsewhere, as businesses with a strong brand image don’t need to invest as much money to attract talent.

Image courtesy @Wendys.

Known for being snarky, this brand recognition and connection with their audience can lead to more applications than competitors.

With that said, your branding needs to be professional for your name to become popular. This will require a quality website builder, in addition to good copywriting and SEO. If someone has never heard of your business, make them wonder why they haven’t by presenting yourself as the best place to work in their field.

Strategic Alignment

Notable workers in an industry get good recommendations, have a lot of connections, and set high standards for their own personal work output. Their recommendation of your brand will help your business grow. Your marketing skills — whether they are based in recruitment or promoting products — need to reflect your commitment to this same quality. No good employee is going to want to work for an unprofessional company.

Image courtesy of @Cinnabon. A case of “too soon” after the actress’ death.

For this reason, it’s unwise for your brand to employ poorly designed graphics, vague job descriptions, or low-effort marketing campaigns. Implementing a user-centered design in your marketing efforts, website design, and outreach will ensure that your efforts resonate with potential applications as best as possible. The details of your marketing are extremely important because they are what will set you apart from your competitors.

You need to keep three things in mind when determining your strategic alignment:

  • Where are the recruits you would like to find? In other words, where are they looking, what are they reading, and what websites are they on? That is where you need to advertise.
  • What kinds of things appeal to them? This means understanding the aesthetic and attitude of your industry regarding the right color schemes, using attractive keywords, and referencing notable clients you have worked with.
  • What can you do to differentiate yourself from the competition? What are your competitors not doing that you could use to your marketing advantage? Can you find something people will like?

Inspired Enthusiasm

When good employees — those who are passionate about their work — find themselves employed under a legitimate brand, they become enthusiastic. You see this in companies like Google, where the employees are happy they work where they do and are excited to tell people about it. Heck, they’re excited to show up and do their job.

Photo by from Pexels

You want your marketing to show that you are as passionate about your employees’ output and your brand’s results as they are. Show your potential hires that you value their work and respect your industry. Be enthusiastic and seek candidates that are likewise.

Of course, none of this is possible without a good marketer on your side. If you’re hiring someone to do your marketing, ask yourself: Do they care about making your brand look as good as possible? Do they pay attention to detail? Do they want to help you put your best foot forward?

Finding the answers to these questions may lead you to become the company that your dream recruit wants to work for. That is what recruitment marketing is really about. Establish yourself as a good brand and ensure that you hire employees with the same values and enthusiasm as you.

How has your marketing and branding helped lead you to your perfect employees? Let us know in the comments below!