Marketing is an essential part of the real estate business. How can professionals better manage their marketing efforts to target the right type of leads, who will turn into the ideal clients? Let’s take a look at five targeted marketing efforts you can use to establish your place as a local realtor in your area.

1. Establish Yourself In Your Community

You want your community to know you, your face, and your brand as a realtor. How do you better establish yourself in your community as a public figure? Start by targeting your online advertisements to reach your local neighborhoods. Post locally relevant content on your social media and blog. Do your clients tend to be the type to eat out at hip restaurants? Go to the gym? Need information on local schools and extracurricular activities? Post reviews and information about these options on your blog or social media.

You can also join online communities for your town, like Facebook groups, and post helpful information in the comments. Attend local events and mingle with people. Volunteer for worthy causes. Note that this will be time-consuming, so be sure to make room for it in your schedule.

2. Know Your Market

You need to know who you’re selling to. Do they purchase large homes or small ones? How important is garage space? Are the typical home buyers mostly families or are they mostly childless couples? How much value do they place on luxury materials used in the home? What is their price point? The market will be very different from county to county, even town to town. For example, a Calabasas realtor is working almost exclusively with multi-million dollar properties whereas a realtor in Bakersfield has a more diverse range of property values to work with.

The better you understand the wants and needs of local home buyers and sellers, the better you’ll be able to sell to them. If your clients are very environmentally concerned, pointing out the eco-friendly countertops will be a selling point for them, where it may not be of interest to others. Know who you’re selling to, what they want and need, and market your properties appropriately for stronger results.

3. Use Video in Your Online Content

In this day and age, online video content is practically required for achieving marketing success. It performs well on social media. It’s easily shareable. It’s of interest to people visiting your website. Video has a personal edge to it than other types of content aren’t able to capture.

To better engage with your audience and build your brand, create video content that appeals to your market. Record a client testimonial if you have a happy client who may be willing to do this. Do a video of your office. Take videos of the new homes you’re listing. Take a fun video showing off the outdoor space in one of your properties. Do a live question and answer video with your audience, answering their questions about real estate. The more often you post video content, the more engaged your audience will become.

4. Ask for Referrals

Do your clients seem happy with your services? People like recommending businesses they trust. While they may think to do this on their own, they’re much more likely if you ask. If your client is already happy with your services, simply tell them you’d always really appreciate it if they could recommend you to other buyers like themselves. Offer them a business card so they can pass your information along to their friends and family. If you’re using social media, you can occasionally ask your followers to refer their friends, family members, and acquaintances in need of real estate help in your area.

5. Work Your Digital and Print Marketing Cohesively

Realtors often make the mistake of viewing their digital and print marketing as two separate efforts. Why not combine them for maximum effect? This can look like putting a QR code on your mailers and business cards that take people to your listings, website, or your social media. It can look like taking down email addresses on a signup sheet at your open house, and then emailing those prospects later. You can invite your online followers to sign up to receive a brochure in the mail, with a more detailed look at your services.

Anything you can come up with to better combine your digital and print marketing materials gives you more opportunities to connect with your leads in a more substantial way to build a longer-lasting connection.