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The 60 Second Marketer

How to Set Up and Launch a Top-Notch Influencer Marketing Campaign

Obvious marketing blunders are easy to come by these days. Mangled social media situations and tone-deaf advertisements are just a search away.

Mismatched influencers-to-brands are a more difficult to detect. Anyone with an Instagram following can get a product in front of eyeballs. But if you’re looking to entice 2 million potential guests to stay at a Ritz Carlton hotel, offering a room to a 20-something influencer with a tribe of teenage fans isn’t going to do it.

An estimated 85% of marketing professionals will launch an influencer campaign this year. Endorsements come with a hefty price tag (an estimated $570 million on Instagram alone) yet 75% of marketers cite that finding the right influencer is their biggest challenge.

With precious marketing budget going towards influencers, brands can’t afford to reach the wrong audience. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to do influencer marketing right.

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Productivity Hacks: How to Boost Efficiency and Productivity with Online Forms

Guess what? None of us are as productive at work as we think we are. In fact, when we think we are being the most productive by multitasking, we’re actually making it worse.

A recent study showed that multitasking increases the time it takes to complete a single task by 25%. Along with other productivity drains like email and office tasks, it’s tough to actually increase efficiency and productivity.

So, how do you solve this? Consider online forms. By incorporating online forms into tasks like reimbursement requests, customer contracts, project proposals, and PTO requests, you will save everyone in the company a lot of time.

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9 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

There are so many ways to get your business noticed these days due to the impact of social media, but does everyone utilize this to its fullest potential?In a very real way, it's harder today to get your business message out to the right people than it has ever been before. You're merely a drop in the ocean on social media, and getting users to care about you takes effort. So, no matter how easy it is to set up those accounts, post photos and write quick blurbs, take the time to start with a plan.
In order to integrate your social media marketing successfully with your current branding, you'll naturally need to know how to use various platforms and how to avoid wasting your time, or worse, damaging your brand's image.
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How Brands Are Using Nonlinear Marketing to Confront the Threat of Ad Blockers

Last week, Google announced that it was introducing an ad blocker into new versions of the Chrome browser.As you know, ad blockers are being installed by a growing number of internet users around the globe. Check out the data below to get a sense of how many people are using them in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.Continue Reading..

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