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Are We Seeing the End of Brick-and-Mortar Retailers? Not So Fast.

The way that customers make buying choices has changed dramatically over the past several years.Today, customers visit stores; use their smartphones to compare product and price reviews; pull family and friends in on purchasing decisions via social media; and, when they’re set to buy, a growing catalog of online retailers deliver products straight to them, sometimes even on the same day.Industry observers have predicted that these shifts may lead to the end of retail as we know it -- and that the extinction of brick-and-mortar stores as a result.We see that within the last century, local niche stores gave way to department stores and supermarkets, then to shopping malls, and then to big-box retailers. Each of these transformations unfolded quicker than the one that preceded it.Continue Reading..

Understanding the Role of Big Data in Digital Marketing Success

We're in the digital age, with thousands of gadgets at our disposal: digital television, tablets, smartphones, apps, social networks and e-commerce, just to mention a handful.A few years ago, before digital revolution came about, the work of a marketer was to create catchy and captivating ads for print media, television and billboards. But the digital age compelled marketers to evolve and take advantage of technology to distribute their messages.Continue Reading..

Why Data Visualization May be Your Most Important Secret Weapon

In an era of information overload, the average individual is bombarded with close to 500,000 words each day. Given that amount of information overload, it's not surprising that a study by the Nielsen Norman Group shows that we read only 20% to 28% of the content on a website during a visit.That's hard to believe, but we have some good news -- if the same content is presented in a visual form, we process all of the information in a tenth of a second.Continue Reading..