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Should You Use SAS or SAP For Your Business?

In the past, before the advent of the sophisticated technology we have today, business was based on some analysis and a lot of guesswork. The odds of success were lowered by the difficulty of collecting high-quality data in sufficient quantity. Moreover, analysis was difficult because it was almost impossible to visualize the abstract data. As a result, business decisions did not always match up with the reality of the marketplace. Continue Reading..

Engaging the Whole Brain: The Art and Science of Big Data in Marketing

In the business world, business analysis is often considered to be the realm of left-brained analysts and the qualitative activities, such as marketing and advertising, the domain of right-brained creative types.

These two activities, both vital to the success of the business, can become so balkanized they hardly speak the same language. Data and analytics are typically the purview of IT and analytic “geeks”; strategy and marketing the dominion of MBAs and business majors.

But the tide of Big Data is changing the status quo. The primary creators of the Big Data captured by our high definition systems are the up-and-coming generations, living their lives out loud on social media, on chat, and on line -- they have practically every day of their life recorded in digital photos, text messages, playlists and their preferences captured by internet cookies.

They speak in emoji, text-speak, and memes that are all communicated digitally and converted to data, encoded in bits and bytes. You can’t get any more calculating than that.

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How to Put Big Data Analytics into Action at Your Company Quickly

A few years ago, we made the strategic decision to double-down on developing Analytics as its own division and specialization to generate both new revenue opportunities and efficiencies internally.  One guiding principle for this evolution revolved around something I learned a lot about by attending Gartner’s Business Intelligence conference in 2015. 

The folks at Gartner posed this question:  Do you Centralize or Decentralize?

  • Your talent
  • Your business processes
  • Your data and analysis
  • Your leadership and management
  • Your decision making
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