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See How Active Social Media Is As Each Second Goes By

Whether you're living in remote Africa or a swanky pad in the Hollywood Hills, social media has almost certainly affected your life. Some of us use it literally to socialize, others adopt it as a tool for political activism, while corporations have yet another marketing tool at their fingertips. Continue Reading..

New Data Indicates Growth of Social Media Not Slowing Down

When I was finishing the manuscript for the first edition of How to Make Money with Social Media in 2010, I figured social media had about a 3 year lifespan before it would become just another tactic in a long list of other marketing tactics. Boy was I wrong. Continue Reading..

Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2016

Each year the number of hours and dollars marketers put toward social media marketing keep increasing. Which makes sense, because where consumers go marketers are soon to follow. So, what platforms are going to be the most popular among consumers in 2016, and where should you be putting your marketing dollars and efforts this year? Continue Reading..