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Drive Traffic with These Five Killer Social Media Hacks

We use social media all the time; on our way to work, in our downtime, even early mornings. Naturally, businesses can take advantage of this; having your own Facebook page or Twitter feed can increase interest in your company and boost user interaction but as with all things, it’s not that simple.With all the different pages out there, it can be quite difficult to make yours stand out.  These easy-to-follow social media hacks can help you gain – and keep – new followers, as well as spreading word about your product around the web.Continue Reading..

Snapchat and Instagram: What’s the Real Difference in Stories?

Snapchat has been a long time purveyor of video with its Snapchat Stories feature an extremely attractive option to its users. The app has 150 million daily users and is very popular with millennials. Instagram decided to get in on the act and launched its own Instagram Stories feature which is also video based and extremely similar to the Snapchat version. In fact, to many people, it is a carbon copy.Continue Reading..

The 5 Most Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

The odds are pretty good that you or your company has a presence on a variety of different social media platforms. The problem is that many companies don't understand the concept behind these tools. They approach social media in the same manner that they approach their blog or website.They might be trying to preserve the voice of their brand across platforms. But social media has its own independent character, and if professionals don't adapt, they won't be able to unlock the full benefits of social media.So, let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes brands make with social media, shall we?Continue Reading..