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Why Microsoft’s Purchase of LinkedIn is Good for You and Good for Business

As most of you probably know, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn, the professional networking site with over 433 million users. Microsoft purchased them for $196 per share in an all cash transaction worth $26.2 billion. LinkedIn will continue to operate under its own culture and brand and Jeff Weiner will remain the CEO, reporting directly to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.Both LinkedIn and Microsoft’s board of directors unanimously approved this move that is expected to close by the end of 2016. It is still waiting for approval from LinkedIn’s shareholders and from there it must meet the customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions. Microsoft and LinkedIn held a joint conference call with their investors Monday at 11:45 ET to discuss the details of the transaction.Continue Reading..

How to Create High Converting Social Media Contests

Everybody is talking about contests nowadays as if they’re as easy to pull off as getting out of bed. Obviously, they’re nothing of the kind. It isn’t just a matter of somebody saying, ‘we should do a contest’ and then ten minutes later it’s all ready to go (at least, not if you’re trying to run a contest that works).Instead, it requires as much planning as any marketing campaign – perhaps even more so, seeing as it’s a new field for most companies, which means there are often plenty of teething issues.Continue Reading..

See How Active Social Media Is As Each Second Goes By

Whether you're living in remote Africa or a swanky pad in the Hollywood Hills, social media has almost certainly affected your life. Some of us use it literally to socialize, others adopt it as a tool for political activism, while corporations have yet another marketing tool at their fingertips.Continue Reading..