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Video Marketing: Will it Improve SEO Rankings?

Are you aware of the impact video marketing can have on your business? 

Video marketing has become an essential marketing tactic, and search engines have made note of the fact that the most valuable websites offer both text and video content. As such, they're ranking sites offering video content higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).Continue Reading..

Is Digital Video Advertising the Future of Marketing? We Have the Answer.

In the recent years, the phrase “cut the cord” has come to mean far more than its original anatomical meaning. Today, If you Google “cut the cord,” your most popular results will be dominated by one of two things: the music video for the song “Cut the Cord” by Shinedown and news about more and more people dropping their cable TV subscriptions. We’re going to talk about the latter (sorry, Shinedown fans).Continue Reading..

How to use Helper Videos to Capture New Clients and Increase Customer Wallet Share

Did you know that using a helper video enabled one brand to bring in an extra $250k in revenue in just 45 days?I know what you’re saying -- that's impossible -- but I’m here to tell you that it’s not.When Mimic Technologies added a Draw Shop whiteboard video to their website, prospective customers were drawn in to the video and formed a deeper relationship with the brand. The result? An extra $250k in revenue. I know it sounds crazy, but studies show that helper videos grab are super effective at grabbing consumers' attention and are remembered better than many other marketing tactics. In short, helper videos create a perfect sales pitch for your product or service in a very short amount of time.Continue Reading..