As of March 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users. It is currently the most used, most checked and most frequently updated social media platform. When you’re on Facebook, you have access to a massive audience. And by understanding this audience and catering to their specific needs, you can improve your interaction with them.

So, how exactly do you make the most of your Facebook page? Below, we offer some tools to help you out.


DrumUp is an intelligent social media content discovery and scheduling app. It uses advanced NLP and machine learning algorithms to find stories of interest to a business’ audience and queues them for sharing on multiple social media platforms including Facebook. The headline of a suggested post can be edited using the app. You can also schedule posts and add custom content. The workflow is extremely simple and can cut down social media content management time by up to 90%.


LikeAlyzer is a tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness and potential of your Facebook page. This tool also offers reviews and tips on how to better your interactions with potential customers. By reviewing your page, it gives you instant feedback on where you are lacking and what changes you can make to take your campaign in the right direction. Another cool feature? You can compare your efforts with your competitors.

Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma can be used to measure the success of your Facebook campaigns. It assesses engagement and gives you feedback about the best times to post and the topics that have the most response from the target demographic. It gives you insight into your followers’ social media activity patterns by letting you know when they are most active. It also produces excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and monthly reports regarding your Facebook activities to give you clarity on what you can do to improve interactions. You can also compare an unlimited number of pages and determine trends.

Wolfram Alpha Facebook App

This tool assesses your Facebook account and gives you statistics regarding your usage. It gives you information regarding the frequency of your posts, the views it has gotten and more. It also gives you information about which post got the most likes and comments. One problem with the tool, however, is that it solely depends on the information that people have submitted. So it can be easily mislead by false information. For example, many users on Facebook lie about their age. This may affect the assessment of your target demographic’s age group.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences lets your business reach out to customers you already know, with ads. These customers can be defined by email ids, Facebook user IDs, app user IDs, phone numbers, Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA) or an Android advertising ID. By using Custom Audiences Pixel and JavaScript Tag API with a combination of rules, you can create a custom audience of people who visited and took particular actions on your website. The details can be found here.


This neat tool from AdEspresso delivers a comprehensive report on what is working well for your Facebook ad campaign and what isn’t. It includes details such as the amount spent, frequency and number of conversions. It also comes with a section dedicated to engagement with information regarding link clicks and conversions. There’s another section that includes details about the gender and age of your audience and which countries they are from. While the Facebook ads reports provide the same data, the easy-to-understand presentation makes a huge difference.


After images, headlines are the most visible item on your newsfeed. A good headline captures the essence of your content. It has to catch the eye and be attractive. By comparing your headline with already established findings, the tool provides you a score. It uses a scientific approach and conveys the importance of using powerful words. It also provides tips on how you can improve your headlines. The quality metrics that the tool scrutinizes ensures that your headline results in more shares and traffic. It scores your headline on a scale of 0 to 100.

AgoraPulse’s Facebook Timeline Contest tool

This cool tool lets you come up with contests for your Facebook audience. You can either create sweepstakes, quizzes or photo contests. This is perfect if you want a short-term engagement tactic. The tool selects a random winner from someone who has commented or liked a sweepstake post. It selects a person who has answered a quiz question accurately for the quizzes. Finally, for photo contests, you can ask your audience to comment on your post with photos, and the tool picks the one with the most likes.

If you haven’t made the most of your Facebook presence yet, this is your chance. Simply having a Facebook account will do little to improve your bottomline. Apart from understanding your audience and sharing relevant content, you must actively track the performance of your Facebook page to understand what works best for your business. With an arsenal of powerful tools you can do just that.

Author Bio: Jessica has a keen interest in social media and content marketing, and writes extensively about it. She represents Godot Media, a leading content marketing and copywriting firm.