Did you know that high-performing businesses use data-targeting and segmentation 51% more than underperforming businesses? Personalization is a great way to make your marketing efforts more relevant to your customers’ needs and has been shown to boost average order value and conversion rates.

Over the past few years, personalization technologies have become incredibly advanced and now offer a breathtaking range of sophisticated targeting options that can be applied across email, social media and website marketing efforts. Despite its many benefits, the majority of businesses have yet to wake up to the massive potential of personalization with just 7% of organizations citing it as their number one priority in 2018.

This helpful infographic guide from the team at M2OnHold offers an in-depth exploration of the reasons why businesses should harness the power of personalization as part of their marketing strategy in 2019. This infographic also lays out a quick and easy guide on how to start implementing a personalized marketing campaign today. Scroll down to the infographic below to find out more about why personalization is the future of marketing.