Gone are the days when print and electronic media were the only options available. Marketing is one of the areas that has been significantly transformed by technology. Businesses now try to take advantage of technology to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Here are some of the ways they do this:

1. Mobile marketing

Mobile phones have proved to be a great marketing tool. More and more people are spending much of their time on smartphones compared to PCs. That’s probably the reason why most companies and businesses are focusing more on mobile advertising. Marketing is all about targeting potential customers wherever they are. This might appear a simple or less serious form of advertising, yet it bears great results if properly implemented. One reason mobile advertising is so effective is that you can target a specific audience compared to other forms of marketing.

2. Influencers/brand ambassadors

Influencer marketing is–in its current form, at least–a newer concept that has helped businesses break barriers that they couldn’t before. With the advent of social media, companies and businesses are taking advantage of the massive numbers of followers of various individuals to market their products. Companies identify popular actors, musicians, or other celebrities with a massive social media following and try to snag them to be a brand ambassador. Businesses can also take advantage of their loyal customers and ask them to promote their products or services within their cycles.

3. Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation involves the division of a large population using factors such as age, gender, religion, and income. Most businesses are adopting this concept of marketing to get the best results in their marketing strategies. Instead of targeting a whole group using one marketing strategy, a company can decide to focus on a specific group and maximize the resources. For example, instead of conducting general campaigns for the use of sanitary pads, a company can come up with a strategy of reaching out specifically to women to market their products.

4. Marketing automation

Automation is one of the newest concepts in the marketing world. This sophisticated technology allows companies to automate advertising without necessarily having to employ someone to do it. A good example is the use of sources such as websites, emails, and social media. This is different from a few years ago when most businesses relied on traditional marketing ways such as radio and television.

5. Search engine optimization

While search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for about as long as search engines have been around, many companies still don’t know how it works. However, it is a marketing technique to increase online visibility by improving the quality and quantity of website content. The good thing about an SEO strategy is that it often doesn’t require a lot of investment like the traditional strategies. Anyone with basic SEO knowledge can implement the strategy or hire a specialist at a lower cost.

6. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another concept that is taking the marketing world by a storm. It was almost impossible a few years ago to imagine that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram would be considered a major tool of advertising. However, social media has proved to be one of the most powerful advertising tools. Today it isn’t easy to find a business without a Facebook page or Twitter handle. One advantage of social media advertising is that companies can reach a wider audience within a short time. Besides that, it is cheaper or even free to advertise on most social media platforms.

7. Content marketing

They say that content is king when it comes to digital marketing. Most businesses have come to a realization that they cannot entirely rely on voice and video. That’s why the demand for content creators is on the rise. It is easy to take advantage of great content to increase the demand for your services and products.

However, you need to hire someone who understands your niche to create your content. Excellent writing skills are not enough when it comes to a content marketing strategy. You can even decide to train writers on your products and services before creating the content.