There are many ways a business can catch the eyes of their market, but during Mother’s Day, the competition becomes fierce. As one of the most celebrated and expensive gift giving holidays, Mother’s Day is big business, and you need to stay creative to keep eyes on your store. Let’s look at a few ways retailers can get creative during this holiday dedicated to Mom.

Use Mother’s Day Window Displays or Front Pages

Most people still turn to brick-and-mortar retailers for their gift-giving ideas, so it’s important for your store to spruce up marketing with Mother’s Day memorabilia to bring customers inside. If your business has a shop window, place a “Happy Mother’s Day” decal and a bunch of Mother’s Day-related items on display to entice others to buy your products.

Online retailers can use their front page similar to a shop window by adding a special Mother’s Day section to their home page. You can check out The Bouqs Co front page decorated with flowers for inspiration on attracting female customers. Now, they can simply click your banner and find a large selection of products designated for the holiday.

Create A Mother’s Day Specific Product

Any business can take a bunch of products they already have and rebrand them into a Mother’s Day item, but few design something specifically for a holiday. Many people like mom-themed gifts because they’re easy to shop for. Customizing a Mother’s Day gift can be as simple as a jeweler putting “Mom” or “Mother” on a necklace wrapped around a heart.

An online florist could do something similar by picking flowers and styles that are more likely to bring a smile to any mother’s face. Many of these arrangements come with chocolates, a card, and a colored vase. The more “momified” the gift is, the more customers it will attract.

Piggyback Off of Other Stores

Both brick and mortar and online retailers can ask other businesses for help during Mother’s Day to promote both of their businesses. Since restaurants, flowers, spa days, and vacations are all hot Mother’s Day gift items, they become easy to promote when paired together. Most customers will also be thrilled to support more than one business at a time.

Piggybacking may be more tricky for online retailers because you can’t promote the ‘local’ aspect. However, your customers will still appreciate not having to browse the internet for that item from another store. Offering up convenience will turn window shoppers into buyers effectively.

Encourage Users to Share Mom-Related Content

Offering a giveaway for Mother’s Day is a tried and true way to accelerate email list growth, but instead of just an email, why not ask your customers to talk about a heart-warming story? eShakti ran a giveaway that encouraged customers to share stories and photos of their moms in 2017. Each participant received a $20 coupon, but the first place winner would earn $250.

Not only did eShakti make every single contestant a winner, but it encouraged participation from their audience. To make the most out of this giveaway, you could also ask the contest participants if your company could share their mommy stories on social media.

Offer Convenience Through Bundles

While offering bundles during a holiday isn’t the most unique idea, you can spruce up what makes these bundles unique by providing a product specific to that purchase. For example, if you’re gift wrapping beauty products together, place a sample lip gloss color that’s specific to Mother’s Day that can’t be found at any other time of the year.

In most industries, plenty of consumers will buy a product to receive that exclusive free gift. If you don’t want to place another item inside the bundle, you could advertise complimentary gift wrapping, a customized card, or anything else that would make the bundle feel “worth it.”