Are you looking to maximize conversions from your sales landing page? 

First, you have to understand that great sales come with great strategies! 

So, if you are struggling to increase conversions from your sales page, you are probably missing out on some key practices. Using a sales landing page builder is not enough. It takes a lot of conscious effort too.

This post will examine the strategies or sales page hacks you can implement to achieve your sales goals. 

What is a Sales Page?

A sales page is a separate page designed solely to sell your product or services. The aim of creating a sales page is clear – to convert web visitors to buying customers. 

Therefore, a good sales page would be one that includes all necessary details about the product to aid the prospective buyer in making his purchasing decisions. 

The products are not necessarily tangibles. For instance, it could be an online course hosted on an online course platform.

What are the Sales Page Hacks to Try?

1. Make Your Sales Page to be Clear & Well Structured

For online visitors who do not know about your products, the sales page creates their first impression. 93% of customers would continue to buy if their first purchase went smoothly. That is why your sales page has to be welcoming with excellent background imagery or design. 

The use of great visuals is one of the budget marketing ideas to make your business grow. For those that do not have the necessary expertise to design a great sales page, a good sales landing page builder is all you need.  

It would help if you also use a catchy headline. Most website visitors tend to pay attention to the headline and contents closer to the top of the page before skimming through the rest. So, make sure the headline is strong enough to command attention. It should also correlate with your product or service offered.

An illustration is the sales page below. The title “Get Creative with Instasize” and the caption beneath the title explains all you need to know about the Instasize app.  

Another nice feature of the Instasize sales page is the live background images. They are captivating and give the web visitor the impression that similar quality can be gotten from the application. 


Another sales page strategy is to structure your page well by avoiding the use of long paragraphs. A maximum of 2 – 3 lines is enough. Try as much as possible to pass the sales message without boring the reader. 

Like Instasize passed their message in those first few lines of the sales page, make yours straight to the point too. Visualize it as if you have only a few seconds to convince a random person to buy from you. It’s the same reality here. 

Besides, your on-site forms (if any) should be short and contain only necessary details. Also, avoid including navigation links to other websites. The purpose is to sell, and you would not want to distract the customer by redirecting them. 

2. Carefully Arrange Your On-page Content 

For better sales page conversions, the positioning of the contents on your page matters a lot. We have two types of sales pages – the short-form sales page and the long-form sales page. 

The idea behind content positioning is to place the most important details where the customer will most likely pay attention. 

Positioning does not really carry much weight in short-form sales pages compared to the long-form ones. However, the more important details such as your call to action (CTA) should be closer to the top. 

Let’s consider the Instasize app again. The content at the top of the page gives a good summary of what the app is about. So, any one that views the first page already has an insightful idea of what to expect down the page.

The goal is to convert as many people as possible that visit your site. So, you have to ensure that the very vital points are gotten first.

3. Make Use of Short & Engaging Videos

The use of engaging marketing videos is one excellent way to capture the attention of those visiting your site. That explains why a high percentage of companies now use video marketing or webinar video platforms as a top sales strategy.  A random customer who is probably just surfing between browsing tabs searching for what he wants would likely pause to see your sales video. 

However, as much as the use of video is crucial, try not to make it long. Avoid boring your visitor with unnecessary details. Remember that the customer can easily get distracted, so one moment of boring information can be all it takes to lose a good lead. Also, use good video making tools to make it professional. 

4. Upload Reviews and Testimonials

The power of customer reviews cannot be overemphasized when it comes to strategizing to improve sales. Positive reviews and testimonials from previous customers often give assurance to intending customers. It builds their confidence in your product, and that’s what is needed to convince them to buy from you. 

All things being equal, nobody would like to be the first to try out a new product they are not sure of. That explains why 9 out of every 10 people would always read other customer reviews before purchasing. 

Reviews are essential, and with enough details, they can be used to generate social proof. Therefore, always try to inform your customers of the need to be detailed as much as possible when writing their reviews. 

Here is an example of how to display testimonials of previous clients.

Source: Markups

The customers’ name and the name of the company/brand they work with are clearly shown on the testimonial in the sample screenshot above. The effect of these testimonials is to build the trust of potential buyers. 

Uploading testimonials and reviews from those that have used your product add credibility to what you offer. It is a great step towards building loyal customers. Loyal customers are challenging to get, but they never really stop buying from you once you have them. 

For businesses that offer services instead of directly selling a product, you can also consider putting up the logos of the trusted and renowned brands that pay for your services. Just think of every possible achievement you can use to sell yourself better.

Source: Airmeet

As in the image above, the logos of the brands displayed also adds credibility because it shows how competent you are. Being associated with a top brand would open the way for other top brands to purchase from you.

Another thing to note is how the different brands with those logos have different niches. Axios is an American news website, and HackerRank is a leading marketplace for hiring developers. 

This tells us that a news website or online marketplace would have no doubts in trusting what Airmeet can do.

5. Use Strong Call to Action (CTA) Buttons 

After putting much effort into making your sales page captivating to keep the customers’ attention, you would not want them to leave without making a purchase. That brings about the importance of your call to action button. 

Most sellers make the mistake of using a weak call to action button or placing it where it is visible enough. For the visibility of your CTAs, the right colour placement matters as well.

Take a look at the excerpt from Airmeet below. The overall background is black, while the CTA button with “Host a Free Event” is blue. 

Source: Airmeet

The significance of this idea is to make sure the CTA button gets the attention of the viewer. With so many personal distractions, measures like this are needed to make your sales page convert.

Another sales page hack is the use of strong verbs. Strong verbs that request the customer to take action is imperative. Like the term “call to action,” – you want the customer to take action. For us, the action is to click the CTA button and follow up to make a purchase.

Common strong verbal words to use are words like Buy, Subscribe, Click, Download, etc. Make it very clear what you are expecting the customer to do.

However, those are not the only verbal words to use for the CTAs button. You can make your CTA more engaging by going for something unique. 

Again, consider the CTA used by Airmeet. The CTA words are “Host a Free Event.” Now, here’s the trick behind that word. 

The viewer of the sales page is most likely looking for an app or software that can be used to host his upcoming online event. 

So, seeing the CTA call to “Host a Free Event” sounds more like what he wants rather than a sales strategy. The viewer freely clicks the CTA button to see what comes next. 

The image; below is the page that appears after clicking the “Host a Free Event” CTA. One good sales strategy is to collect the email addresses of online leads whenever possible, and that’s what Airmeet does here. 

A good email catalog can be so beneficial when it comes to sales marketing.

Source: Airmeet

6. Add Urgency/Emotions to your CTAs

The reason for separating this is to avoid mixing up the points. While a strong CTA is important, what actually converts is how you present it. 

Let’s take a typical example:

A. Ready to Subscribe?

B. Subscribe Now!

C. Subscribe now and Save 50%

Now, the three CTAs above are all good and quality. They all have the tendencies to convert, although some have higher probabilities of doing so. 

For option A, we have used a strong and clear verb – “Subscribe.” This is good and gives the reader an obvious idea of what is required. However, the customer might decide to ignore it to check back later. Most times, such customers forget, except they fortunately come across your page again.

That is why the option b is preferred to option A. Some sense of urgency subtly compels the customer to take action immediately. He clicks the “Subscribe Now” button and would purchase unless the price or something else discourages. However, the CTA served its purpose. 

For final option C, the customer who wants to leave because of the price is persuaded to rethink accepting your offer. To such an individual, the offer might likely not be there the next hour, and he doesn’t want to miss out. So, he makes the purchase. 

A practical example of what we just discussed is illustrated below. 


The CTA “Sign Up. It’s free!” actually does a lot of magic. Adding “it’s free” leaves the viewer with no choice but to try out the software. 

It converts more than saying “Sign Up” and writing “it’s free” somewhere else on the page. The lesson here is to tweak your CTA to involve something that eases the viewer’s emotion a little.  

7. Offer Guarantee 

When it comes to sales, guarantees refer to assurances that you give the customer that they would be getting quality value for their money. 

Different forms of guarantees that can positively impact sales conversion rates are money-back Guarantee and return options. These guarantees are assurances that there is no reason to doubt your product or service and that in the worst-case scenario, you’ll compensate them. 

For better results, always try to position your guarantee offers near the CTAs.

Now, let’s take a look at this offer displayed below.


While this is not a money-back guarantee or return policy, it is still a guarantee to the buyer. The software is a paid one, but you’re offering a 14-day free trial for the buyer to decide whether they would like your software or not.

The average serious buyer sees this opportunity and hops on it because it does not require money to try it out. For such a buyer, you have just given some form of assurances.

However, for return options of more physical items, put systems in place to ensure only genuine people make successful returns—something like a compliant form with details of issues experienced. 

8. Include an FAQ Section/ Contact Information

Consider that some customers might want to buy but have certain doubts that they are unwilling to risk. A FAQ section of all common questions they might have would be a significant boost for such people. 

Compile the questions and provide concise but explanatory answers to them. In the absence of a FAQ section, a “contact us” email or number will work just fine. 

Source: Linkio

That’s what Linkio practices up here. Any buyer interested in more information can easily reach out to the contact email or any of their social media handles. 


These sales page hacks are proven strategies that can give you desired improvements in your sales page conversion rate. Like we said, maximizing your sales is not rocket science. 

You have to try out the methods and decide the one that works best for you. You should also be ready to make necessary adjustments that you think will work better for you.