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There are many factors to be considered in retail packaging, making the process quite complicated. You have to consider packaging functionality, product protection requirements, retailer packaging requirements, target market(s), seasonality, value proposition, competitive analysis, material cost, sustainability, color scheme, brand identity and a number of other factors in creating the ideal package.

It’s a complicated and ever-changing affair, since packaging trends, customer preferences and retail marketing best practices change at a rapid rate.

As the resource explains, there are two basic aspects of earning a top spot on the shelf: packaging design and marketing.

If the product’s package doesn’t grab the shopper’s attention, it’s probably not going to sell well no matter where it’s positioned.

If the product has the most eye-grabbing package in the world but the retailer isn’t sold on showcasing it, sales will similarly disappoint.

Of course, these two aspects of placement — design and marketing — don’t necessarily play in that sequence. Especially for new products, the pitch to retailers may have been fine-tuned and presented well ahead of the actual packaging design. The sequence doesn’t really matter; the important thing is to make sure both are executed skillfully.

On the marketing side, convincing a retailer to not only carry your product but also give it premium shelf space can be a tall task indeed.

Because pitching big box retailers is a time-consuming, demanding and complicated process, you may find it wise to focus initially on smaller retailers where your product has a good, natural fit. If your product sells well in a smaller retail operation, you’ll not only start making money, you will also develop a track record of success to make your pitch to the big box retailers all the more persuasive. 

Having a persuasive story is certainly the surest route to earning an excellent shelf position, but there are other strategies that go along with it to get results more quickly. For more strategies and insights about product placement in retail, continue reading the infographic below!

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About the Author: Sara Horton is an integral piece to our team at Display Pack. Sara continues to excel in her role, specializing in marketing and sustainability.