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The 60 Second Marketer

How to Differentiate Your Brand by Taking Calculated Risks

Generating awareness for your brand is a little like the stock market. You can play it safe, and generate a predictable return. Or you can take a calculated risk and win big ... or lose big. Recently, I was contacted by an L.A.-based production company that's looking for on-air talent for a TV show they're going to produce. They found out about me from some of the work I've done on the 60 Second Marketer as well as my appearances on CNN and HLN.Continue Reading..

The Science of Color: How to Use it to Improve Your Marketing

There's more to color than you may imagine. For example, did you know that 93% of purchasing judgements are made based on visual perceptions? Or that 84.7% of consumers surveyed cite color as their main reason for buying certain products?Continue Reading..

How to Supercharge Your Content Marketing by Using an Instructional Designer

You’ve probably heard a lot about instructional designers lately — they’re the folks responsible for creating online learning modules, applications for learning, data visualizations, games, stories, which are all intended to produce an interactive and memorable experience for the audience. But did you know that the skills that instructional designers bring to the table can be leveraged to greatly enhance your content marketing efforts?Continue Reading..