A landing page is one of the most important web pages on your website. They’re usually designed with the aim of converting visitors into leads, so it’s important you get them right. 

So, in this article, we are going to look at seven different examples of killer landing pages you can use as inspiration when creating yours. This will give you more insight into what works, and help improve your landing pages’ conversion rates.

iCASH allows website visitors to customize their experience

iCASH is a financial lending company that provides assistance to residents living in Canada. And they’ve done a great job of using interactive elements to personalize their onsite experience for website visitors. 

They’ve created an interactive calculator that allows visitors to select details like the loan amount they need, the number of repayments they wish to make, and the province they live in. This tactic is very effective because it helps to customize each visitor’s experience and gives them the opportunity to get what they actually want from the company. It also makes the loan application process more transparent and allows prospective customers to feel in control. 

Personalizing the buying experience of your prospects is a great way to win over customers and optimize your landing pages. This is a great example of that and, if your business provides products or services that can be customized, make sure that’s very clear from the minute someone arrives on your landing page. 

American International University helps prospective students to imagine themselves there

One great way to boost your conversions is by helping your website visitors imagine themselves using your products and services. And one way you could do this is with images or videos of people who look just like your target audience. 

American International University (AIU) does this well on their landing page for their film production program. They use different images of people who are already studying the program and even include a promotional video that showcases real students who are enrolled at the school. The video shows how these students interact in classrooms, the library, and among themselves as they complete a new degree. 

A lot of experts say the future of marketing is video and AIU has done well to tap into the world of video marketing by creating this high-quality and engaging video that can help prospective students imagine themselves at the university. You can also take a leaf from their book and try to create professional quality videos that show prospects what it feels like to use your products or services. 

Helix Hearing Care makes booking an appointment very simple

In order to get the best results from your landing pages, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to take the next step with you. Doing this can help improve your conversion rate because it gives your prospects a clear idea of what they need to do in order to become customers. 

For example, take a look at the way Helix Hearing Care has made it very easy for visitors to take the next step in accessing hearing aids and solutions by adding a very simple contact form for booking appointments to their landing page. 

This technique is very effective because it takes website visitors to the next stage in their buying journey with the company and allows them to voice their needs and pain points, which could then be addressed in the appointment. You should also consider including a contact form on your landing page, as this helps to show prospective customers what to do next on your page. Plus, it’ll provide you with the contact details of your leads so you can follow up with them in the future if necessary. 

Smith.ai highlights the benefits before anything else 

People don’t really want to buy a product or service — they’re looking to invest in a solution to a problem they have. So, when creating your landing pages, it’s a good idea to highlight the benefits of what you’re offering before anything else. This includes the likes of a product’s features and the price of your services. This will help you to create a top-notch landing page.

Smith.ai does this very well on their landing page as they highlight the benefits of investing in their live virtual phone answering service. They mention how their customers never have to miss a call and can continue to grow their businesses all day every day because they use the company’s 24/7 answering service. 

One thing you can learn from them is the importance of highlighting how your business can help solve the pain points of prospective customers. This is an effective technique because it allows people to imagine how much better their lives would be if they used your services and this can motivate them to take action. 

Insanely Cheap Flights highlights how customers can save money

Your customer will always be looking to save money where possible. So, if one of your unique selling propositions (USPs) is that you help customers to do this, you need to highlight it as much as possible on your landing page.

For inspiration, let’s study how Insanely Cheap Flights does this.

When you get to their landing page, you’ll notice that they make sure to highlight words like “cheap,” and “low-cost” in their website copy to reinforce the fact that they provide a cheaper option for getting airline tickets when compared to competitors. 

They also let you know that you’ll be able to save money and even include a promo code that allows you to save even more. This is a great way to get the attention of prospects who are looking to cut down costs and it can help convert more leads into customers. 

If your business also offers a product or service that is significantly cheaper than those of your competitors, you should make this as clear as possible, as it can help you convert more customers and improve the price perception they have of your company. 

Bay Property Management Group use social proof to earn trust 

Before investing in your products or services, customers will want to know that you’re good at what you do. And social proof like reviews and testimonials can be great for showing this. To get reviews for your business, you can simply start by sending an email to past customers to ask what they thought of your services and whether they would recommend you to their friends or family.  

You could also create a survey form to ask specific questions about the service you provided and include a comment box for people to leave a review. When you’ve gotten these testimonials, you’ll want to display them on your website in an effective way. Let’s take a look at a website that does this well. 

Bay Property Management Group is a company that handles full-service property leasing and management, and they’ve done a great job of displaying reviews from past clients. When you get to their landing page, you’ll see a section that contains various testimonials from people who have been able to find a home or successfully rent out their property through the company. There are five star reviews people can spot at a glance, as well as longer written reviews for people looking for more context.

This is a great tactic that allows their potential clients to see how reliable the company is when it comes to handling property and it can encourage people to use their services. You can also implement a similar tactic on your landing page by simply creating a section where you can show positive reviews from past customers so you can earn the trust of potential clients.

Guardian Home Care humanizes its business with imagery 

If you can humanize your business, customers will feel a stronger connection to you and be more likely to spend their money with you. This is part of the psychology behind landing images and it’s something you should keep in mind when designing your landing pages. An example of a company that shows us how this is done is Guardian Home Care.

As you will see on their landing page, they’ve found a way to use humanizing images of people who look like their staff and clients. These pictures show that the staff from their nursing agency in Toronto are caring and attentive, which tells people that their elderly loved ones will be properly taken care of. 

This is a really effective tactic, especially for a company with these services as, if they’re able to establish a connection with people using these images, they’ll be more likely to secure clients who will feel safe and comfortable with them. This is something you should also pay attention to when choosing images for your landing pages, as it will help increase your chances of connecting with prospective clients.


In this article, we’ve analyzed seven great examples of landing pages and the things that make them work. If you also want to optimize your existing or new landing pages, it will do you well to emulate the techniques they’ve used. 

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