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What Ad Blockers are Telling Marketers

Ad blockers have long been a cause for concern among marketers. But in recent years, the issue has been heightened, with almost a third of internet users expected to use ad-blocking software in 2017.As pointed out by MarTech Today, that represents a 24 percent year-on-year increase that could lead to digital publishers losing over $27 billion worldwide in three years if the issue is not effectively addressed.  With the constant battle for attention online, consumers are making a conscious effort to tune out most content that does not interest them.Continue Reading..

4 Ways to Avoid Getting Sued for False Advertising

One of the worst things that a company can do is mislead its customers. First, it creates the sense that a company didn't have enough faith in its product or service to sell it on the merits alone. Second, it says that a business doesn't believe that its customers are valuable enough to be honest and straightforward with. Finally, it shows that a business cares more about the short-term bottom line as opposed to the lifetime value of an honest relationship with a customer.

What are some ways that your company can avoid misleading customers? That's what we've answered with the tips below.

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Why TV Can be a Secret Weapon in Driving Sales and Lifting Brand Awareness

Marketers are tasked with simple-sounding goals. For example, they need to increase sales while also improving the brand’s image. Faced with media fragmentation, it’s difficult to achieve many marketing goals that appeal to constantly shifting demographics. Marketers often resort to a trial-and-error approach of using various channels and types of content to try to find an optimal mix.

An overlooked advertising channel that still produces results is TV. It continues to be a medium that can sell products directly to targeted consumers while lifting the perceptions about the overall brand.

It’s relevant even in light of the fragmentation, and marketers should include strategic TV placements as part of their overall campaign.

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