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Merchandising on Mobile

Mobile technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. The devices that once were used for nothing but phone calls can now bring us news, weather, entertainment, and all the offerings of the internet. It was no surprise that shopping would eventually find its...

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A Simple Recipe for Nailing Great Content

Where would we be without great content? When you think about all those things you read and see on a daily basis, how many leave a lasting impression on you? Great content is something that does exactly that — it stays with the reader or viewer long after they've...

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5 Strategies for Marketing on a Budget

A business can fall into debt much more quickly than it plans. Too often, small business owners overspend on expensive, wide-scale marketing campaigns. Recognize that it’s possible to make an impact without spending a fortune – with some creativity and careful focus,...

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Why Social Media is the Future of TV

People don’t watch TV the way they used to. When they get home they will go to Netflix, or Amazon Prime, or a streaming service or a movie subscription service for modern films or current TV shows. People (like me) choose to pay rather than go for free services...

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