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About Us

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The 60 Second Marketer is a website that provides tools, tips and tutorials written by and for marketers around the globe. We’re best-known for our Award-Winning Blog as well as our podcast called The Jamie Turner Show. But we’re also known because our parent company, 60 Second Communications, develops campaigns for large, medium and small brands around the globe.

Here’s a breakdown of the kind of work our parent company, 60 Second Communications, has developed for the likes of Holiday Inn, The Coca-Cola Company, Act-On Software, MaidBrigade and others.


Mobile Marketing

We've developed mobile campaigns for Holiday Inn, Ashton Woods and other well-known brands using patented technology that leverages advanced targeting, tracking, and engagement techniques to grow sales and revenues.


Digital Marketing

60 Second Communications also develops social media, paid search, content marketing and online display campaigns. If you're looking for digital marketing that generates results, you've come to the right place.


Traditional Marketing

Members of our team have also developed traditional marketing campaigns for clients like Coca-Cola, AT&T, Cartoon Network, and CNN. We're known for having Fortune 500 experience without Fortune 500 bureaucracy.

60 Second Marketer is Brought to you by 60 Second Communications

Our Services

The 60 Second Marketer is brought to you by 60 Second Communications, a marketing communications agency that works with clients who want more “R” in their marketing ROI.

Here are some of the services we provide for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Campaigns

Need a mobile-responsive website? No problem. How about an SMS campaign? Easy. What about a mobile display ad campaign that hyper-targets your prospects then tracks whether they bought your product or service? Yup, we can do that.

Content Marketing

If you're looking for a way to attract eyeballs to your website, content marketing is the way to go. Whether you need eBooks, blog posts, helper videos, or email campaigns, we can help you develop a program that drives leads to your business.

Social Media

Research indicates that 73% of social media campaigns aren't measured on an ROI basis. Whether you want to track ROI, do a better job managing your campaign, or measure your brand sentiment with your prospects and customers, we can take care of it.

Print, TV, Radio

Oh, sure, digital marketing gets all the attention these days, but traditional tools like print, outdoor, TV, and radio are often under-leveraged channels that can still make a big impact. Just because your competitors are overlooking these tools doesn't mean you should, too.



If you’re looking for new tools and resources to help you grow your sales and revenues, you’ve come to the right place. Jamie Turner, our founder, is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of marketing and has written several books on the subject. Just click the images below to find out more.
Image of books by Jamie Turner


Are you interested in hiring Jamie Turner to speak at your next event? He speaks professionally at events, trade shows, and corporations around the globe on the topics of mobile marketing, social media, branding, and traditional marketing. Interested in finding out more? Send him an email, or watch the video below with snippets of his latest appearances.


Want to learn more about how the world’s most successful people run their lives? Then tune in to The Jamie Turner Show, winner of Apple’s New and Noteworthy recognition on iTunes.

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