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Email Marketing Outperforms Social Media in Terms of Reach and Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re working on a shoestring budget and are trying to figure out where it would be best used, maybe this infographic can help. Brought to you by Host Papa, it breaks down email marketing and social media marketing to see which outperforms which in what categories. Here are some of the key findings:

  • Social media helps build your audience faster and increases search engine ranking.
  • Email is a fairly inexpensive and easy form of direct response.
  • Social media is growing more, but email is still more widely used.
  • The features and reach on email marketing are surprisingly robust.

See the full infographic here:

  • Love this infographic and glad to see the correct winner came out on top.

    One thing I noticed was the claim social media has 100% delivery – so many folks believe that and it is super dangerous.

    It is reasonable to presume if someone likes or follows or so on that they will see your stuff – but that’s not true at all.

    For a business it is now quite silly to ask people to like you on facebook if you do not have a budget dedicated to buying (aka post boosting) the advertising necessary for them to see your materials.

    Get the email address (opted in) – you own that and nothing else.

    Big Love,


    • Good points all the way around Ross. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by!

  • Social media is newer and a lot of business don’t know how to use it. Businesses is spending more on e-mail because they aren’t getting what they used to out of it and have devote more time and money to it to get the same outcomes as years previous. You can use whatever statistics you want to make one look better than the other (I’ve seen data that suggests social media out preforms). I think it comes down to the business and how they use it. Every business is different. Interesting stuff!

    • Hi Joey —

      You summed up everything just right — the only way to know whether email or social is better is to run a test for your own business. Some businesses might find email better. Others might find social better. The key is to run your own tests to see which performs best for your business.


  • Nathan Elward

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