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Free E-Book: 99 Tools to Help You Make Money with Social Media

The biggest challenge most people have with social media is sorting through all the online tools that can help you run, launch and manage your campaigns.After all, there are literally hundreds of different tools that can help you track and optimize your social media program. The problem is, you don't have the time to hunt down all the different options.Well, good news. We've created an e-book that has done some of the hard work for you.The free e-book is called "99 Tools to Help You Make Money with Social Media." We spent hours and hours tracking down and analyzing nearly 100 different tools you can use to optimize your program.If you'd like to download the free e-book, just click the image to the right or click here.If you want to see samples of what's included in the free e-book, read on:Tools to Help You with Content Creation and Integration
  1. Context Optional:  Best for marketers with multiple team members, brands or geographies, this platform helps develop applications for Facebook and Twitter communities and monitor and analyze the conversations taking place on these platforms.
  2. Crowd Factory's Social Campaign: Think social networking is confined to Facebook and Twitter? Think again. Crowd Factory lets you embed social elements into any marketing experience including videos, emails, ads and more.
  3. KickApps: This self-service site allows you to develop and manage social content such as branded communities, widgets, 3rd party plug-ins and social applications.
  4. North Social: Enhance your Facebook page by creating custom applications that allow your brand to do things such as integrate with Google Maps or Yelp,  post HD videos, run sweepstakes, and more.
  5. Involver Applications: The creator of the popular “Get Satisfaction” facebook app, Involver provides applications that allow you to easily add polls, RSS feeds, quizzes, music, contests and more to your Facebook or Twitter pages.
  6. Sprout: Not to be confused with Sprout Social, this cloud based software company creates interactive ads and applications perfect for bringing social content to the web and mobile devices.
  7. Lithium Community Platform: This software as a service company creates a social community right on your website that provides a place for your brand advocates to converse, tools to spread the word about your product through social channels and even generate ideas for innovation.
Click here to download the complete list of 99 tools.Tools to Help You Monitor Brand Sentiment:
  1. Alterian SM2: More in-depth than some other social media monitoring services, Alterian provides advanced user behavior statistics, demographics, location, positive or negative tone, and trending topics for your brand as seen across a host of social media outlets and websites.
  2. PeopleBrowsr: Research.ly, and Analytic.ly  are PeopleBrowsr’s main products, and offer sentiment monitoring, trend reporting and audience profiling. Their main claim to fame at the moment is their recent announcement that they provide 1000 days of Twitter history.
  3. Social Mention: This free web-based application lets you search popular channels such as blogs and microblogs to find brand mentions and analyzes the sentiment towards your brand. You can also set up alerts so that you will be told any time someone mentions your brand.
  4. BrandsEye: A slightly different type of social media listening tool, BrandsEye helps you manage your online reputation by finding all of your brand mentions, the reputation of their source, the sentiment and even flags mentions that you may require immediate attention.
Click here to download the complete list of 99 tools.Tools to Help You with Tracking and Analytics:
  1. Argyle Social: If you’re interested in monitoring trends and sentiment, this management tool may not be for you. In addition to aggregating your social media accounts, Argyle Social analyzes only hard numbers and direct outcomes of your campaigns.
  2. Trendrr: This site peruses blogs, microblogs, search engines, social networks and even video to see what people are saying about your brand and provides numerical analysis to help you understand what it all means
  3. Involver Audience Management Platform: In addition to providing a host of apps, Involver offers a dashboard that manages all of your social media applications, monitors communication, and provides analytics based on actionable measures so you can see the true ROI of your actions.
  4. MediaVantage: Designed for PR gurus, this tool gives you instant access to TV, print, online and social media content that is relevant to your brand’s reputation, your industry, or your competition.
  5. Objective Marketer: This site allows you to create the content and strategy and just steps in to objectively analyze how people have interacted with the content you have posted. By measuring clicks, views, likes and more, the Objective Marketer discovers trends and finds out what is working for your brand… and what’s not.
Click here to download the complete list of 99 tools.Here's the table of contents from this free e-book:
  • The Social Media ROI Cycle explained
  • Tools to Help You Manage Your Twitter Account
  • Tools to Help you Manage Facebook
  • Tools to Help you Manage Your Websites and Blogs
  • Tools to Help You Manage Multiple Social Channels
  • Content Creation and Integration Tools
  • Qualitative Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • Quantitative Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • Tools to Help You Reverse Append Email Addresses to Find Out More About the Contacts in Your Database
We've put a lot of time and energy into this free e-book, so you can spend your time doing more important things. Download it today and, before long, you'll be super-charging your social media campaigns.P.S. If you're interested in receiving more tools and tips like the ones above, you can have the 60 Second Marketer blog delivered to your in box each morning by clicking here. Or, you can sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter by clicking here.Posted by Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer of the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine of BKV Digital and Direct Response. Jamie is also the co-author of How to Make Money with Social Media.

My Social Media Secret Weapon: NutshellMail

As you might imagine, I spend a good amount of time on social media networks. It’s part of my job. Not only am I trying to build awareness for the 60 Second Marketer community, but I’m also trying to connect with client prospects for BKV Digital and Direct Response.(Okay, to be honest, there is a third reason I spend a lot of time on social media networks – I’m trying to build early demand for my book, "How to Make Money with Social Media" which, oh by the way, will be published by the Financial Times Press this fall.)The problem I face -- and I bet you face the same problem, too -- is that I can’t spend an inordinate amount of time flip-flopping between Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube and the blog. Trying to manage that many different outlets can be time-consuming and confusing all at once.My Social Media Secret Weapon: NutshellMailA few weeks ago, I received an email from Constant Contact. Those of you who receive our free weekly eNewsletter are familiar with Constant Contact because it’s the platform we use to send out free tips, tools and techniques to our community. (What? You’re not a subscriber to our free eNewsletter? C’mon, get with the program!)Anyway, the email from Constant Contact introduced me to a new tool they offer called NutshellMail. NutshellMail aggregates all the activity from your social networks and drops them into a single email delivered to your in-box. To be honest, my initial reaction was, “Oh, gosh. One more broadcast email. Enough already!”Despite my reservations, I decided to give NutshellMail a try. I was reluctant, mind you. What’s more, the first few emails I got I kind of ignored.But then, for some reason, I took a deep dive into one of the emails. My thought process went something like this: “Oh, look. Nutshell Mail is letting me know that Davis Tucker just got a promotion and updated his LinkedIn profile to let everyone else know. I’ll have to congratulate him via email, given that he’s a potential client. And look at this – 7 people re-tweeted my blog post yesterday. I’ll have to send them a direct message thanking them. And look here – someone asked a question on my Facebook fan page that I should respond to. And what’s this? Here’s another…”Imagine being able to have all your social media connections dropped into your email inbox every morning and not having to switch applications and poke around different websites to find out what’s going on.Marvelous.Does NutshellMail Replace Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook?NutshellMail isn’t a replacement for your social media channels – it’s really an aggregator that saves you time and improves your ability to connect with others. Oh, sure, I still use Twitter and I still go to LinkedIn and other social media platforms to check in on things. But if you’re looking for a great way to catch-up with people and stay current on what’s happening in your social media-sphere, then Nutshell Mail is what you’re looking for.Check it out for yourself. You can visit their page on the Constant Contact website by clicking Nutshellmail.Posted by Jamie Turner, Chief Content Officer, the 60 Second Marketer, the online magazine of BKV Digital and Direct Response. You can download a free chapter from Jamie’s soon-to-be-published book by clicking, “How to Make Money with Social Media.”