The soft drink industry is a relatively mature industry (although you could argue that it’s a young industry in China, India and other developing nations). But in the United States, carbonated sugar water will have to work harder and harder to generate the kind of returns they did in the 19th and 20th century.

When an industry is mature, you, as a marketer, have to find increasingly innovative ways to add a spark to sales. That’s why Coca-Cola introduced the uniquely-shaped plastic bottles several years back (which, apparently, was just what the brand needed to see a bump in sales).

Last week, PepsiCo introduced a new brand identity for it’s flagship brand Pepsi. The company tends to noodle with its logo much more frequently than Coke because of its strategy to focus on youth and innovation.

In any case, Pepsi has jazzed up their logo and, in our opinion, have done a pretty good job with it. Sure, you could argue that there have been better attempts in the past, but we think this one is pretty good.

What do you think? Should they have changed their logo again? How’d they do this time?

Let us know your thoughts.